Why Guided Motorcycle Tours?

Detailed Tour Planning Done for You

As locals, we know the most scenic backroads that the Southwest has to offer and we’ve meticulously prepared all of our tours so no planning or reservations are required on your part.  We’ve pre-run every tour, making sure there are clean bathrooms, the best available meals and incredible scenic photo stops. We are continuously improving upon our tours.  All this means you get a stress-free, fun, and relaxing motorcycle tour.

Good Eats; Restful Sleep

We’ve hand selected and personally stayed at all overnight accommodations to ensure the most restful night’s sleep.  We’ve also chosen restaurants, using our local knowledge, offering great food and service as well as Southwestern charm.


All participants must meet minimum experienced requirements to participate in a tour and basic group riding guidelines are demonstrated before tour departure.

When riding as a group, there is increased visibility and awareness to other motorists thus increasing safety in many aspects.

Experienced motorcycle tour guides will lead you on planned routes with known road conditions to ensure the utmost safety.  If a breakdown or accident were to occur, your tour guides will lead you to safety and help get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Meet New People, Make New Friends, and Share Your Motorcycling Experience

When participating in a guided motorcycle tour you will meet new people and make new friends. It might just happened that your new friends are from another state or even country and will share fun aspects of their culture with you. It’s a blast kicking your feet up at the end of a great day of riding and enjoying the group comradery and being able to share your experience with like-minded people – motorcyclists!

Ride Your Dream Bike

Of course you can ride your own motorcycle during a guided motorcycle tour but have you ever wanted to ride that new BMW1200GS, or a Harley Davidson Road King, or how about one of those 3-wheeled motorcycles, the Can-Am Spyder? We provide rental bike coordination and give you the option to ride your dream bike, whatever it might be.

Worry-Free Adventure

With our guided motorcycle tours all of the stresses of planning, booking hotels, finding good places to eat, being stranded in unknown territory, etc. are removed, – even making sure clean bathroom stops are provided (this is especially important for the ladies). You will find yourself willing to go places that you normally wouldn’t on your own, and isn’t that what adventure is all about? In addition, professional tour guides are at your service the entire duration to meet your every need and provide historical commentary along the way. With guided motorcycle touring you just show up and ride!

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