What’s on Your “Must-Have” Motorcycle Tour Pack List?

Update March 21st, 2015

Great response from everyone around the world! Thanks to everyone for participating!

Without further ado, here is the list:

funny picture of overpacked motorcycle going on a trip

Number 1: Cash

Number 2: Tools

Number 3: Underwear (great choice!)

Here are the remaining responses (in no particular order):

– Keys for bike

– Perfume

– Myself/Significant Other

– Fitness and diet program for extended tours

– Chapstick

– Tape

– Trash Bag

– Tarp

– Travel Coffee Mug

– Credit Card

– First Aid Kit

– Batter Charger/Cables

– American Motorcycle Association (AMA) Card

– All-Season Riding Gear

– Toiletries

– Comfortable Clothes

– Beef Jerky

– Socks

– Comfy Shoes

– Tent

– iPod/Cell Phone

– Cable Ties

– Passport


Original Post, March 15, 2015

We often get asked “What’s the most important items to pack on a motorcycle trip?”. Instead of just writing a list we thought it would be cool to ask the world, so we did. Check back on this blog in one week and we will post responses from motorcyclists all over the world.

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