Struggling to Find Comfortable and Affordable Earplugs that Work? One of These Might Just Work for You.

Image result for motorcycle ear plugsIf you’ve struggled to find earplugs that don’t hurt your ears or excessively muffle communications from the speakers of your helmet-mounted headset then you might consider one of these options described in this earplug review. I ran across this review not long ago on the Tour on 2 Wheels website and decided to try one of the recommended products – the Motorsport earplugs from the company NoNoise.

After using the NoNoise earplugs now for several day-long and multi-day motorcycle tours I can say without hesitation that they are the best I have tried to date and recommend them to anyone looking for the ability to retain the ability to hear voice and music through their headsets but still manage to block out a significant level of road and wind noise. These earplugs do this by the use of an internally mounted and non-adjustable filter (details in the linked review).

Here are a few observations and notes of interest:

  • The first time I used the NoNoise earplugs I ran into the same problem experienced using other universal fit earplugs – they made my ears hurt after a few hours of riding. It turns out I had simply inserted them too far into the ear canal which wasn’t necessary since the same basic level of attenuation was obtained without having to insert them so deep. After a few rides I learned to find an insertion point that was both comfortable and allowed the earplug to work adequately.
  • There is still some road and wind noise that comes through using these earplugs but it is significantly reduced compared to using no ear protection at all. The linked review provides claimed levels of attenuation for reference. I have not verified these claims.
  • All motorcycles have varying levels of road and wind noise so results with these earplugs will likely vary also. We ride on a Victory Cross Country Tour with a full windscreen and wear full-faced helmets.  These earplugs work great in combination with the protection from that windscreen.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase of the NoNoise earplugs (and I’m not a paid spokesman). They aren’t what I’d consider perfect but they were affordable (around $35.00), reasonably comfortable to wear all-day long, and I can still hear voices and music through my headset while still reducing road and wind noise considerably. I’ll use these until something better comes along.

Thanks much to the writers at Tour on 2 Wheels!

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