Overnight Motorcycle Tours

Red Rock to Alpine Meadows

Sedona motorcycle tourflagstaff motorcycle tourIt’s hard to imagine the natural beauty and diversity offered by the State of Arizona without experiencing it yourself. This tour allows exactly that; one that extends from the saguaro and ocotillo cacti of the Sonora desert to the unique red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, and then climbing to alpine meadows with the cool pine-fragranced air found at 8000+ feet elevation. Spend an evening enjoying an optional group dinner and visiting the lively and quaint downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. It doesn’t stop there, after a refreshing night’s sleep the tour continues with unmatched scenery as you traverse down from elevation, stopping to visit sheer canyon drops of hundreds of feet, riding next to oak-lined creeks, and sweeping through open sections of big-sky country. There might even be a home-made ice cream stop or two along the way just to sweeten the deal!

 Whiskey, Ghosts and Hippies

This tour visits historic Whiskey Row in Prescott, Arizona and continues on to the ghost/hippy town of Jerome, Arizona, now known for it’s freelance artists but once inhabited by squatters and hippies some decades ago.

Prescott AZthCAVISUIN   Jerome Tour

Begin the tour riding through an old cowboy town and continue heading north, passing by vast horse ranches and then into twisting mountain curves before reaching your first destination. Stretch your legs while visiting downtown Prescott, enjoy the various events that are often scheduled at the historic courthouse park or just relax in a cool, shaded gazebo. Once rested, the tour will continue on for an overnight stay in the old ghost town of Jerome, Arizona. Wake refreshed and spend some time visiting shops, museums, and restaurants before getting back in the saddle for yet another day of great riding through mountains, big-sky country, and awesome desert scenery.

Total Ride Time Day 1: Approximately 4 hours (207 mi.)
Total Ride Time Day 2: Approximately 4 hours (212 mi.)
Total Trip miles: Approximately 419

Ride Difficulty: Tough



Tombstone TourVisit this unique town that has captured the imagination of young cowboys and cowgirls for decades. Witness the reenactment of the gunfight at the OK Corral. Have a drink at Big-Nose Kates Saloon then head over to the Bird Cage Theatre – THE place to be in the 1880s! Yes, it’s a tourist town, but it’s a fun one! The residents here actually dress and live the part of Tombstone residents from a different time – a wild time. To top it off, the ride to and from Tombstone just happens to go through designated scenic byways and sections of the Sonora desert seen only by few. Let your imagination go and join us on this fun and beautiful tour.

Total Ride Time Day 1: Approximately 4 hours (199 mi.)
Total Ride Time Day 2: Approximately 5 hours (229 mi.)
Total Trip miles: Approximately 428

Ride Difficulty: Moderate


The Prison Run

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