Biosphere 2 [Day Tour]

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Experience the Remarkable Biosphere 2 which Time Life Books Recently Named one of the 50 Must See “Wonders of the World”.

This motorcycle day tour skirts some of the most beautiful open desert between the Phoenix area and Tucson. Pass an unimaginably huge open pit mine then continue on to witness the rugged beauty only found in the Sonora desert.

Arrive at the Biosphere 2, surrounded by a magnificent natural desert preserve, north of Tucson, Arizona at the base of the stunning Santa Catalina Mountains.

Enjoy a 70-90 minute guided tour experiencing incredible engineering feats that house various different biomes and learn how the first mission members survived for 2-years independent of all outside help.

This guided motorcycle tour is a favorite and is guaranteed to impress! Learn more about the Biosphere 2 by clicking here.


***Includes entry fee into Biosphere!***
  • Ride Your Own Motorcycle…..$129
  • With Standard Motorcycle Rental (Sportster/Metric Cruiser) …..$249

Pricing Supplements:

  • Premium Motorcycle Rental…..$59
  • 2-Up…..$39

What’s Included?


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