Motorcycle Riding at its Best (and Worst)

Relax, have fun, and get socially connected on a motorcycle holiday

This story may sound familiar…

The weather forecast for the weekend is perfect so you and a few riding buddies decided to go out for a ride. Everything starts out great; you’re on the road, the sun is shining with your knees in the breeze. Someone decides to make a stop at the local watering hole just to quench the thirst. For whatever reason, what was only to be a quick thirst-quencher turns into an extended visit. You see one of your riding buddies having a great time, too great a time and probably partaking in too many adult beverages. You ask your buddy if he is ok to ride and the response is “I’m cool, man, no problem. Just one more and we’ll hit the road”.

Eventually you all get back on your bikes and continue your ride – back with your knees in the breeze! All of a sudden your normally sane riding buddy, the one that was having a great time at the watering hole, is riding a bit like a hooligan pulling in and out of your group , riding in the emergency lane, and wanting to race you and everyone else on the road. You start getting nervous and hope your friend doesn’t take himself out, or worse yet your whole group!

Since having spent so much time at the watering hole you and the group find yourselves riding home in the dark. One or more of you don’t see well at night which only adds to the stress. In addition, the route you knew so well looks totally different at night and this too becomes a stressor. What started as a great ride didn’t turn out to be the safe, fun, and relaxed ride you had planned.

Now image it this way:

It’s warm and sunny outside so you decide to go for a weekend ride. The route is perfect for motorcycling; not long freeway stints but through a variety of scenery and fun, twisty roads. Everyone you are riding with is experienced, especially the group leader.  All gas, rest, and meal stops are already planned so no worries about rank bathrooms for you and your gal. Meals are from hand-picked restaurants, the ones only the locals know about. Along the way are great photo opportunities to capture the good times and share with your friends. Speaking of friends, you meet some new ones while on your ride and find out you have much in common – motorcycles of course – and a whole lot more. You end up exchanging contact info so you can ride together later or just hang out.

At the end of the day’s ride you and the group find a place to kick your legs up, relax, and just enjoy each other’s company. The only thing that could make this day better is to repeat it. The good news is you get to wake up the next day and do just that!

If this sounds like your idea of a motorcycle ride then check us out. We’d love to have you along with us.

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